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Affirm MasterCard

The Affirm MasterCard is one of the most recent credit card developments to emerge in the finance industry. But, many people are not actually aware of what the developments entail and probably the benefits it comes with in the offing. This is one of the best cards for bad credit. The Affirm MasterCard Credit Card does come with many features, most of which separates it from the other cards there are in the industry. But first of all, it would be fitting that the team behind the invention, activation and use of this card is the Affirm Financial, a platform with the fresh approach to credit appeals to a lot of Canadians, believing strongly that their credit should actually work for them and not the other way around. Read about the Cuets Card here.

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Affirm MasterCard Reviews

The first feature of the Affirm MasterCard is true credit, which means that it doesn’t have or require any security deposit when used for any transaction in anyplace and at any time. It can also give the user a credit limit of up to USD 3000. The card can be activated to have an ideal online access to your card account. The best thing about this MasterCard is universally accepted like all other card forms of payment available and used in the financial market. Being that most cards deduct fees upon fees all in the name of monthly charges, this MasterCard comes to solve that problem by demanding only for a minimum monthly payment, which is the greater of USD 30 or 4%. Additionally, this one reports to the necessary bureaus about every thirty days under the auspices of Affirm Card/BC.

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Coupled with all of these features, it would be as well interesting to note that based upon rather keen and careful considerations. The maker of this MasterCard, decided to make an adjustment on the pricing, which will be effective from May 1st, 2017 for the customers who were approved prior to or on February 14th, 2017, and effective from the 1st of June for the set of customers who underwent approval between February 15th and April 2nd, 2017. The prices reflected on homeowners and non-homeowners, reading of percentages of rates for both in annual basis and on the card payment and Affirm MasterCard approval.

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Contact Affirm MasterCard

The Affirm MasterCard can be easily accessed online by logging on to to sign up or log into an Affirm card and register your account. Once the registration has been done for the card, there are some things which can now be done. The user can then go on to check the account balance, view prior statements, view history of purchase and updating your contact details, and all these can be done off the tips of your fingers. So, that is just about if form the Affirm MasterCard.

Affirm MasterCard

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