Cuets MasterCard – Guide and FAQ

cuets mastercard

Cuets MasterCard – Guide and FAQ

This card is issued by the Cuets Financial company. The Company provides the Cuets MasterCard, which uses technology and expertise to make payment safer, simpler and smarter. This article will try to inform you about the Cuets Mastercard Contact, Cuets Mastercard login and other details to help guide you about the card.

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The company was founded in 1982 and based in Regina, Canada. It is a leading provider of financial products and services to credit unions and crosses populates across Canada. They are also the provider of the Choice Rewards loyalty program which provides cardholders with flexible rewards redemption options that includes cash rewards, merchandise, charitable donations and travel, they also provide MasterCard products and services. 

Cuets MasterCard is a business card used to process payments between the banks of merchants and card issuing banks or credit unions of the purchasers who use Cuet MasterCard to make purchases. It is established for businesses and each authorized user is assigned a sub-account linked to the control account. An overall credit limit is established for the control account as well as a monthly spending limit for each sub account. There are monthly spending limits that cannot be exceeded during an account billing period, even if a payment is made during that period.

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cuets mastercard

Cuets Mastercard Login

Cuets Individual

  • A unique account is created for each authorized cardholder.
  • Each cardholder receives a separate credit card account statement and there is no consolidated statement Created for the business.
  • Payment must be made to each individual account
  • It includes all the features of the business MasterCard credit card-individual pay but includes a cash feature.
  • Cash back is earned on all eligible purchases made within a billing cycle.
  • $75 annual fee is charged for each individual pay sub account that has the cash back feature added.
  • Each sub-account earns it’s own cash back.
  • The control account holder must request the cash back.
  • Credit limit for each individual account is not set up as a monthly spending limit.  Payment free up the credit limit as soon as they are posted to the account


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Cuets Mastercard Contact

Please view the contact centre here


Listed below are the benefits of using Cuets MasterCard:

  • It allows global commerce by enabling payments happen around the clock.
  • It is committed go giving back through philanthropy and payment innovations.
  • Cuets MasterCard connects you to the things that matter most to you Such as connecting individuals, businesses and organizations thereby, creating better opportunities for all.
  • It connects consumers to safe, simple, smart purchase and lifestyle experiences.
  • It helps government drive growth, create efficiencies and improve transparency while advancing social progress.
  • It helps to manage products and services from purchasing to getting paid.

It is best to use Cuet MasterCard as it allows you to save times and money,  also,  it helps you earn all your eligible purchases made within a billing cycle.

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