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Diners Club is an international premium platform which hold the repute and heritage as the world’s first charge card, which is being issued today in more than 200 nations and 70 local currencies. The brand is owned by the Diners Club International network which is owned and managed by the BMO Financial Group, with its corporate HQ in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Diners Club is the one payment choice for mid-to-large corporations, single business persons as well as professionals. Interestingly, it is the only card choice and solution to payment which compounds a higher product and services package, award garnering rewards and worldwide acceptance. The Diner Club card has a variety of products ranging from the diner club card premier to the diner club card elite and other corporate cards.

Diners Club Discover

The story behind this payment solution kick started with a missing wallet, that of businessman Frank McNamara in 1949 while he dined at a New York City restaurant. In February 1950, he returned to Major’s Cabin Grill and when the bill came in for the order, he paid for him and his friend, Ralph Schneider with a small cardboard card, which is today known as the Diner Club MasterCard. The event was known as the First Supper, which was the milestone that paved the way for the first multipurpose payment method the world came to know. From its first year of business up until 1950s, the Diners Club was the trail setter for the credit card innovation, by the introduction of an insurance policy that has to do with travel. And then the cards went plastic in the 1960s, which is yet another landmine. In the 1970w, the Diners Club introduced to the world its first set of corporate cards, after which a decade passed and it lived up to its prestige as the spear header of the said industry with the Introduction of Club Rewards.

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Diners Club International Discover

On the 31st day of December, 2009, BMO Financial Group obtained the Diners Club North   American Franchise. The compromise accords BMO Financial Group exclusive rights which will give them what it takes to go head in the issuance of od Diner Club Card both corporate as well as personal clients all around the United States and Canada. And that was how the diner club cards became not just official, but a big deal as well.

Diners Club Application

Think of it like a good old reward card you get from an international supermarket, with which you accumulate points upon sale that you can redeem and use to shop at some time in future. The Club Diner cards are just another alternative for payment solutions and financial breakthroughs. This included professional, consumer and corporate cards that do more than just fill those wallets.

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