Ethereum Price Current & History (Updated)

ethereum price

Ethereum Price – Current & History (Updated)

Ethereum is an open source, decentralized software platform. This currency was launched in the year of 2015 and it enables the smart contracts and distributed applications to be built and run without downtime.  The applications on the Ethereum Price platform require a specific cryptographic token that known as Ether. According to the core Ethereum developers, this token can be used to trade, decentralize, secure just about anything.  Ethereum experienced a huge attack in the year of 2016 which made the currency split into two parts, Ethereum and Ethereum classic. The Ethereum Price is different for these two parts now.

ethereum price up

Historic Ethereum Price Chart

ethereum price

Ways to buy Ethereum

Ethereum is usually a blockchain; it is a ledger that contains a brief history of all the transactions. This is secured by the machines of a distributed wide network.

Buy Ethereum in some simple steps:

The method of buying the Ethereum varies from one exchange to another but with nearly same principle. Most of the exchange platform has made the buying process as easy as the way of sending the online payment.

  • Register first at any exchange
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To buy the Ethereum, at first find out the current price of it and register at any of your selected change. To register you just need to submit some of your personal details. You also have to go for a complete identity check at the time of withdrawal or deposit.

  • Full KYC check

Before withdrawal or deposit your exchange should ask you for the KYC or know your customer documents or the anti-money laundering checks. You also need to submit your photo identity proof and your address proof.

  • Now select the deposit method

Every exchange of Ethereum comes up with the own methods of banking. These methods can be a mixed-up process of bank wire transfers, credit card or debit card payments, SEPA or the PayPal payments.

  • Making the deposit
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Deposit will never take a lot of time; it will take just 24 hours or more to arrive in the account of exchange you have chosen. The time of deposit may vary from one exchange to another and it also depends on the method that you have chosen. It also depends on the current Ethereum price.

  • Buy the Ethereum with the deposited funds

After receiving your fiat currency in your selected exchange account, you will get the right to use that currency to purchase Eethereum with the exact Ethereum price.  There are some beginner friendly platforms like Coinbase which make the process of Ethereum buying quite easier.

Ethereum Price

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