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Home Trust Visa credit cards come with the perk of providing financial leverage and flexibility to potential cardholders. The Home Trust Visa cards have the remarkable feature of having no foreign transaction fee. Credit cards of this kind are designed to offer the a lot more convenient than Chase cards which have seemingly gone off grid on the Canadian market. And they have been around for a while – seemingly contented with orchestrating affairs from behind the scenes – which is probably why it hasn’t garnered as much clout as the Chase cards. That it was not marketed broadly across Canada also throws weight behind the fact that it primarily gained acceptance amongst Home Trust’s existing mortgage customers. But all that’s now done with as the Home Trust Visa Card has now been launched to a wider audience and it is rapidly gaining traction.

Home Trust Visa (Secured)

And just before you think you have it all, wait until you find out that the Home Trust Visa credit actually leaves you spoilt for choice as you are provided with a number of cards to choose from. From the Home Trust Preferred Visa Card, through the Home Trust Secured Visa Card, and finally to the Home Trust EquityLine Visa Card, rest assured of unrivalled benefits and bonuses previously unheard of.

Home Trust Visa Card is unarguably and undoubtedly the single best card on the Canadian credit card market that eliminates the need to pay any fee as foreign transaction charge; the diametric opposite is the norm for most other cards in the same category. What this directly translates to is that you can save around 2.5% every other time on any store or online purchase you make, provided you are spending foreign currency. Now, you sure can’t best that.

And it’s not the only card that offers that perk. Ever heard of the EquityLine Home Trust Visa card also from the stables of Home Trust Visa? It gives you much the same benefit, the only additional caveat being that it has got to be tied to your house like a mortgage, which more or less takes it out of the reach of a good number of people. But not to worry, there’s even bigger fish to fry and even better things in the offing.

home trust visa preferred

Home Trust Preferred Visa Card

Wait for it; it’s the Home Trust Preferred Visa Card which is basically a cash back card. Now, how would you like to earn 1% cash back on every purchase you make as a cardholder? Sounds like a tempting prospect, right? Well, that’s precisely what you stand to benefit with the Home Trust Preferred Visa card. And what’s more, there are no hold backs, no restrictions and no absolutely no limits on the cash back that you can earn.

Home Trust Visa contact and phone number

The assertion that these cards are in completely in a league of their own is certainly no farce because unlike the rest of the competition, there is an added provision for Roadside Assistance at no extra cost. Too good to be true? You haven’t heard the half of it! It is as real as they come. And that the cards also come with insurance bonuses such as Car Rental Collision Insurance and Purchase Security Insurance is more like icing on the cake.


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