Ideal Choice MasterCard: Guide and FAQ

ideal choice mastercard

The Ideal Choice MasterCard

The Ideal Choice MasterCard is a prepaid, non-personalizable card, usually offered as a gift or alternately used by people who have existing issues with credit. It is a debit card offered by the People’s Trust, a division of Peoples Group in Canada. It is especially useful as a card during the holidays, festive periods, birthdays, anniversaries and celebrations. This card is an ideal choice as MasterCard Prepaid Cards are convenient, easy to use, and safer than cash or checks.


The card cannot be used with ATM and POS systems as it does not have PIN functionality, but can be used in businesses where the MasterCad logo is displayed. Please note the Ideal Choice MasterCard does not work with PayPal, as it does not allow you to place an address on it. The funds placed on this card last as long as they are not used or if the card expires (Check the expiry date printed on the card). The card is not re-loadable.

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How to Check your Balance

It is not possible to ask merchants or stores help check your balance. The most effective way to monitor your expenses with the card, knowing how much you put on the card, and how much you spend with each purchase. It is also possible to check your remaining balance on your prepaid card by visiting, or contacting the line on +1-866-466-8082 at any time of the day.

Availability OF The Ideal Choice MasterCard

If you’re looking to purchase this card, it is available at Safeway (across Western Canada) and Lawtons locations in Canada.

  • Ideal Choice MasterCard Fee: CAD 3
  • Minimum load of CAD 25 and Maximum load of CAD 100
  • Ideal Choice MasterCard Fees depend on CAD 2.95 and CAD 5.95
  • The card must be activated before use. This can be online on your Mastercard Online account
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Details of the Ideal Choice Mastercard

Link to card site:
Can card be personalized: No
Credit report inquiry required:
How to get this card: Safeway
Card issued by: Peoples Trust
Does card require address:
Card fee: 3*
Minimum load: 25*
Maximum load: 100*
Maximum balance: 100*
ATM withdrawl fee: 0.00*
Monthly fee: 0.00*

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