Raz Kids – The Guide to Online Reading for Kids


Raz Kids – Online Reading Program for Kids

The Raz Kids online platform is packed with hundreds of online, animated audio books for students to practice reading anytime, anywhere. Teachers are able to direct their assignments, assess their fluency and comprehension, and monitor their progress. It has served over 6 million books read by children.

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Raz Kids is owned by Learning A-Z. The company also operates:

  • Raz-Plus
  • Reading A-Z
  • Headsprout
  • Science A-Z
  • Vocabulary A-Z
  • ReadyTest A-Z
  • Raz Kids
  • Writing A-Z

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How to Use Raz Kids

Kids can log in here. Kids must have  their teachers signed up. Raz Kids offers numerous reading levels

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First ensure you have the right site: raz-kids.com. Type in the teacher’s user name, which you can obtain from your teacher. Click on the large green button “Go”, which will take you to your class, and there you can find your name under your teachers profile. Enter your 4 digit number, and click “Go”.

When logged in, checkn your messages. Once you have read a lot of stories or assessments, you can trade your stars as a reward to build a robot or raz rocket. Flight check and book room can be disabled, as we want to children to listen and read stories that are on their reading level. We can assign reading levels as teachers. Listen, read and take the Raz kids quiz for particular books.

Move to the next reading level if you have completed the quiz for all the books for that reading level. Click the word and hear word if you do not understand the word. Turn page with the blue arrow. You can re-read the story and read it multiple times. If you don;t know the answer you can always re-read the book.

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Log in as above. You will see the link for parents.


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