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The Scene Card Balance also stands as one a great payment option to get points when you spend for a plate at Cineplex. You can earn ten points upon every USD1 that you pay on that food and drink at the movie cinemas. Even better, this offing benefits actually gets you in the chance to get free movies faster than normal. You can activate scene card here.

Scene Card Points

How much remarkable would it be to earn points and cash out money while you are busy having some splendid fun? Think of seeing a movie or having a cup of coffee with someone, friends or family and stand chances to win prizes while you are at it. Yes, it is entirely possible that you earn while spending. All you have to do is tender your Scene Card balance and the magic trick will be done. With Scene Card, you can see 10 movies and get 1 absolutely free. You can also stand the chance of earning up to a hundred points when you happen to see a General Admission Movie. And 200 of that when you go view one of those movies in the VIP cinemas.

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The scene card can also comes in handy when you are grabbing that crunchy bite in a restaurant around the corner, eight great ones to be precise. When you spend USD3 for a snack at one of the 8 great restaurants and use your scene card balance for payment, you would already be adding 1 point to your balance coffers. And with the same card, you earn even more with the provided monthly bonuses.

When you join the Scene Card Balance scheme, the platform will start you off with about 250 bonus points just about that first time you use the card. The reward will be starting at 1,000 points, and with that opportunity, the user would be quickly on his or her way to that first epic blockbuster movie at one of those VIP cinemas, a perfect diner or great bite grabbing restaurant.

Scene Card Rewards

With the Scene Card Balance, there is a guarantee that you will get rewarded once you are able to accumulate 1,000 points. You use the card to redeem for all the movies, meals and lots more. You will stand the chance to get great deals with that 1000 points reaching, including a free general admission movie ticket, a USD10 off that meal you buy at one of those 8 great restaurants and USD10 off your food and drink that you get at the movies.

Once you get that quick access to your scene card, you will now have all it takes to browse through the countless catchy rewards available, check on all those points you have been accumulating, check your balance and plan that awesome, onetime night out with your friends.

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