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How would you like to earn some extra bucks every time you do something that might as well be your favorite pastime? Sounds like music to your ears, right? Well, that’s the Scotia Rewards idea. Perhaps you have heard a thing or two about the rewards program and what it entails and maybe you dismissed it as too good to be true, but make no mistake; it doesn’t get realer than this. The Scotia Rewards program is one of the most widely-acclaimed travel rewards program in Canada. Yes, you heard right; travelling is what you get paid for. The rewards program offers amazing flexibility by providing you the luxury of redeeming Scotia Reward points for any booked travel through any travel agency or website.

Scotia Rewards can easily be channeled towards footing other travel expense which could include hotels, flights, car rentals, cruises and many other tourism paraphernalia. What that implies is that you are never at the mercy of airlines, seat reservations or blackout dates. Scotia can also be exploited for bookings with the Rewards Travel Service which gives you the opportunity to book air travels round the clock with the best prices guaranteed. Now, doesn’t that sound much better than everything you may have heard about a travel rewards credit card? And here’s how to you can earn and redeem Scotia Rewards points which is your passport to ultimately enjoying its Rewards. Contact on 1-800-665-2582 or visit here.

Scotia Rewards is an incentive from Scotiabank and it is one of many travel rewards credit cards that are affiliated with the program. The incentive is designed such that you earn a specific number of Scotia Rewards points for every $1 spent on your card for purchases which could include travel bookings. Points are not earned for cash advances, Scotia Dollars, Scotia Credit Card Cheques, returns, payments, casinos and gambling, annual membership or card fees, interest charges or service transaction charges. The more Rewards points you accumulate, the more you can enjoy. The reward points do not expire for as long as you are a cardholder and no line is drawn on the number of points you can earn. You keep purchasing with your card, the more you keep earning. It’s that easy.
scotia rewards feat scotia rewards

Scotia Rewards Catalogue

Scotia Rewards is in a class of its own in that you are not restricted to booking with any specific airlines or hotels. Read about the Catalogue here. Hassle-free travel can be booked via the Scotia Rewards Travel Service which is a full-service third-party travel agency.

How many scotia rewards points to travel? You are even spoilt with the option of exploring the ‘Apply Points to Travel’ feature which allows you to purchase travel using your Scotiabank Card. All you really have to do is wait for the purchase to show up on your account, view how much the scotia rewards points worth, and from that point it’s as easy as applying your points towards the travel purchase.

And who said you can’t do other things with your rewards points; cardholders can explore the option of redeeming points for the latest innovations in technology from the Apple and Best Buy catalogues also available on the Scotia Rewards program. There is also the prospect of taking advantage of brand name merchandise rewards where you can find household goods, jewelry, accessories, or a large collection of prepaid gift cards. You may also redeem points for credit on your account. Also in the offing is the recently-added option which allows you to convert Scotia Rewards points to Scene points and vice versa. Essentially, these Rewards offers you so much more for so little and you should probably take advantage of it.


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