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Silver for the people – Silver as a precious metal has been regarded as form of money and store of value more than 4,000 years,  although it has lost its role as a legal tender in all developed countries since the end of the silver standard. The keys include silver suppression , bullion money stickers, gold and silver conspiracy and banksters. The silver market performed reasonably well in 2016, with the price of the precious metal picking up more than $2 to close the year at $15.88 per ounce. That in turn helped boost the prospects for silver-tracking investments like the Silver For The People iShares Silver Trust.

But as much as investors appreciated the gains, they were a far cry from the highs above $20 per ounce that silver posted earlier in the year. Looking forward to the coming year, silver for the people investors want to see the price of silver in 2017 climb back toward the $20 mark, but those who follow the silver market aren’t sure just how much progress the metal can make. Below, we’ll look at what could move the price of silver in 2017.

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Many previous currency commentaries have described and discussed the various ways in which the silver market has been manipulated in the past and is being manipulated today. What has been explained in years past, but missing from recent editions, are the reasons for the serial manipulation of the silver market.

Before getting into the basis for this systemic market crime, it is necessary to briefly identify this manipulation for the sake of newer readers. The parameters could not be more obvious.

Silver is money – Silver for the people . Legal tender silver coins are still produced in the national mints of numerous nations and these mints often struggle to keep the market supplied. Silver is jewelry. In many parts of the world silver jewelry continues to be widely fabricated, and even at its reduced/suppressed price, silver jewelry remains present in our societies.

This bankrupted more than 90% of the world’s silver mines and drove the silver market into a permanent supply deficit . The silver for the people industry has never recovered because it has never been allowed to recover.

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Between 2009 and the end of 2013, B.S. Bernanke ultimately quintupled the supply of U.S. dollars, from a monetary base of $800 billion up to $4 trillion. Thus denominated in U.S. dollars, the price of gold and silver had to also quintuple to reflect this supply increase. That then becomes the new base price for these monetary metals .

The prices of silver for the people and gold were never allowed to quintuple, if you discount the fact that the price of silver was torpedoed by 60% immediately before Bernanke began his money-printing binge. Since that time, the supply of U.S. dollars has never decreased.

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Yet despite the fact that silver and gold were never allowed to rise as far as monetary fundamentals dictated, the price of silver has since been driven down 70% from its temporary high and the price of gold has been driven down nearly 40% from its temporary high. More total perversion of market fundamentals.

However, this is only one reason that the Silver for the people market is subjected to an even greater degree of permanent price suppression from the Big Bank crime syndicate than the gold market. As an example of this oppressive manipulation, the permanent short position in the silver market (held by just four Big Banks) is roughly 4,000% larger than the short position in the crude oil market, in proportionate terms. Totally illegal.

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