UBC Connect – The Quick Guide


UBC Connect

How to navigate the University of British Columbia’s UBC Connect Portal, with pictures guiding how you can log in below.

What is UBC Connect?

The Unviersity of British Columbia has a portal for students allowing them to submit coursework, interact and access learning material. Please note, most courses will be migrating to Canvas soon though. Professors can upload and course content for UBC students to access at any time. It is the official LMS (learning management system) used by the University of British Columbia.

ubc connect

  • Note for Professors: Courses that are marked unavailable are not accessible to students. These courses can still be accessed by faculty, TAs, or anyone who has an administrative-access role.
  • This feature allows the instructor to build the course site before making it available to students.
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Faculty and students can access the log in page here or using this link. This is also known as Blackboard Learn.

ubc connect login

The 2017 Winter Session is the UBC Canvas soft launch. The University of British Columbia will migrate from Connect to Canvas. This move will occur at a gradual pace will be taking place gradually over this current academic year (2017/2018). This means that at some point, students courses will be split between the two platforms UBC Connect and UBC Canvas – you may have some courses in Canvas while others are placed in Connect. Each faculty has developed its own timeline for moving to Canvas, but we can tell you that by September 2018, Connect will be a thing of the past, and all classes will have moved to Canvas.

First open the assignment, the assignment may not be created, or a group assignment if the Submit button is not available. Each assignment is unique. File upload – one of the files or browse to upload. Click file title to upload the file. A copy will be filed. Instructors may limit the types of files allowed to upload. Do not copy and paste, but click submit.

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It also accepts rich text and URLs – these can be copied and pasted. If submission of the particular assignment via Google docs is allowed, use your existing google account and allow UBC connect and/or canvas to access the google docs on the platform.

ubc connect my ubc

UBC Connect Calendar

As a user of the platform (wither a student or faculty member) you can filter the calendar and edit courses easily through UBC Connect. Click the calendar link in global navigation to get started in the side bar and also to the mini-calendar, if available. If you are a teacher or group member you can add your own event and select respective weeks or months.


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